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Brand New IBM P200+ MultiMedia Internet System
complete with 64 Mb RAM, 3.0 Gb Harddrive, 24X CD-ROM & More!
optional monitor shown

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Processor IBM P-200+ MMX with pentium Ball-Bearing CPU Fan
Mother Board Intel VXPRO System board fully compatible with MMX CPUs (including Intel, Cyrix and AMD K6 MMX cpu's) up to 233 MHz. 512K Pipeline Burst cache (Very Fast!!). 2 DIMM, 4 SIMM, 3 ISA, 4 PCI, PCI IDE and Multi I/O. USB Serial and PS/2 mouse ports also supported.
RAM 64 MB EDO upgradable to 128 MB
Hard Disk 3.0 GB Harddrive E-IDE
CD-ROM 24X Enhanced IDE Toshiba/ Panisonic CD-ROM
Modem 33.6k internal fax/modem with Full duplex voicemail
Video Display Trident 64 bit accelerator with MPEG & DirectX
Multimedia Pro 16 Soundcard with 3D and MIDI port. Stereo Speakers.
Floppy Drive 3.5" Sony Floppy Drive
Mouse Ergonomic 3 button Serial Mouse
Keyboard Window 95 Keyboard 104
Case Deluxe Mini-Tower with (2) 3.5" and (2) 5.25" bays

also available on sale... NEW AWARD WINNING MGC Monitors 14 inch, 15 inch or 17 inch digital MGC SVGA .28 (shown in picture) dot pitch monitor for only $189.00, $219.00 or $489.00. Award winning (see PC Digest 12/96)
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